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You Have My Word 

a solo exhibition at MUTI Gallery (4 - 21 November 2014)

About the show:


This is my first solo exhibition and rightfully a very personal one.


The show itself is separated into three linear parts: “Familiar Fools”, “Back to You; Back to Universe” and “Meeting My Maker”. Each of these chapters is a representation of my journey into the art world over the last three years; a place seemingly new to me since working in advertising for some time. The works are more conceptual in comparison to anything I’ve done in the past, which was a very deliberate decision as I began to take my pieces and their messages quite seriously. Throughout the experience of their creation, I unlocked something within myself I cannot quite describe and the show is a documentation of that process as best and as truthfully as I can possibly share with the public.


The exhibition comprises of photographs with hand-painted writings, paintings on canvas and glass, a video element, as well as abstract works – all touching on themes of self-discovery, what it means for me to be an artist, an exploration of the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as the conscious and subconscious mind and more. As a commitment to my creative practice I will be living in (not limited to) the gallery window throughout the duration of the show.






Familiar Fools (Body of photo/paint/text compilations)


I have defaced moments in my life with messages I’ve learnt through new experiences and ultimately a new found awareness. Being unsatisfied with the current version of my external world, I began to engrave these messages into my every surrounding, both physically and mentally in hope that I could understand that which is unfamiliar.


This is the world I knew with eyes looking through an externally taught lens. And then my realisation of the lens itself. Followed by the removal of the lens completely and replacement with my own prescription.



Back to You; Back to Universe (Body of “paintings”)


I went inward with my newfound sight in an attempt to rediscover my existence in the world, with painting as my governing tool of exploration. I believe within each artwork lies how I FEEL as accurately as I can – and need to – currently convey.


“Art was used as the personal method in exercising the shadow content of the psyche and introducing it to the conscious mind” - Kymatica


“The Beginners Mind” - The willingness to question (Zen tradition)


“It doesn’t mean we have to question everything every day or not believe in anything at all but rather be humble to acknowledge how little we know about the universe.” -


My friend, Jess Segal, in an email to me (July 2014):
“The Inca’s believed in dark matter and instead of the western star gazing principals (where westerners have formed patterns and pictures in the night sky from joining different stars in constellations (dot to dot and lines)), the Inca’s found and created images through the negative space found between star constellations… Basically the jist of it is that their way of star gazing ‘they say’ was the gateway to the ‘answers’ and ‘secrets’ in the sky that were being sent from the Gods, energies and past ancestors… They believed the milky way was the gate way to the super natural world where they used the constellations in conjunction with the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons to depict their mythology, ways of life and enhance their understanding of the world and to discover the ‘secrets’.”


‘The Ferns point South’ Installation Sound by Sylvan Aztok



Meeting My Maker (Body of abstract works)


What I found was the beauty and sheer power of manifesting ones own destiny by tapping into what I have come to know as The Universe, the Higher Self, “my Genius”, the Secret, a godlike voice which, when channeled in the right ways, can take people to heights we as “normal” people never thought possible. It is the process through which you listen to this voice that determines your power. I can now look at all the masters in my life, the Bob Marleys, the Jean-Michel Basquiats, the Nelson Mandela’s and I can see them as normal people and realise I can touch them and talk to them as they have done so to me.


These works are versions of these voices; remnants of their whispering in my ear and my being present in the moment to catch them and listen. Their movements are here in my every conscious and sub-conscious decision.


I look at these now and I know they are beautiful and timeless because, as pieces of dry paint peeled from my palette, they are a representation of everything I have personally been through. Three Years ago, I underwent an operation which gave my life a new perspective. And now here I am.


In order to become an artist, I became an artist. And an artist, I will be.


If I had to leave you with anything it would be this: We often wait for near death experiences to jolt our approach to life. If you need it to be, let this very moment be your near death experience. You have a choice everyday as to how you live. And, provided your cause is for the greater good of the universe, I believe you can do anything your heart desires.


You have my word.

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