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"Peace of Mind", Century City Art Trail, SA (2019)


I was chosen by the Century City Arts Foundation to create a mural in an interesting position under a pedestrian bridge, placed on their growing public "Art Trail" of varying sculptures, mosaics, murals and other installations. In our fast-paced world, this piece draws on the serenity at the water's edge to offer a quiet, reflective moment for the viewer. The mural depicts an intimately contemplative scene – the figure suspended within a vast universe, beyond space and time, held by a body of water. Their closed eyes and faint smile create a sense of surrender and peace as they submerge and emerge, seemingly at once, in an eternal moment of bliss. With iridescent blue skin and androgynous nature that transcends the boxes which separate us, this being becomes a reflection of both the uniqueness and oneness of all who pass by.


Artist: Chris Auret 
Video: Stephan van der Merwe
Track Credits:
Track: Ancestors 4 (2486/36)
Artists: David O'Brien (PRS) | Paul Clarvis (PRS)
ISRC: GB-FFM-15-10475
Publisher: Audio Network Limited
Release Year: 2015

"The Faces of BHC", Woodstock, SA (2019)


BHC is an interior design college in Cape Town. I was commissioned to create a piece on their campus building in Salt River, Cape Town. The concept became a colourful celebration of the diverse beings which inhabit the inside of the building. Painting portraits is common in my work, aiming to highlight our unique traits and stories as individuals but at the same time bringing us together in celebration of our unique place within community. I organised a day where I met and photographed over 40 students and staff who were willing to have their face enlarged and placed in a public space. Of these, 8 faces were chosen to represent the whole.


Artist: Chris Auret
Video: Stephan van der Merwe
Track Credits:
Title: Morning Stars 2338/6

William Davies (PRS) |
Edward Nutbrown (PRS)
Charles Nutbrown (PRS)ISRCGB-FFM-15-92427
Publisher: Audio Network Limited
Release Year: 2015

Generator, Miami (2018)


Time-lapse and additional footage I shot and edited from a trip to Miami in 2018, when I was commissioned to paint murals for Generator hotel in South Beach. The concepts were adapted within a few days of arrival, after a visit to the Miami Botanical Garden. Here, I stumbled across different flora and insects, both native and non-native to Florida. In the end, much like the hostel itself, it was the foreigners we aimed to celebrate. Even the flamingo, an iconic symbol for Miami, is surrounded in mystery when it comes to knowing it's true origins, often associated with Africa and South America. The Elephant Ear (Colocasia) leaves are in fact from Southern Asia and the Iguana all the way from Central America but both species are seen almost everywhere you go in Miami.

Art, Video Footage & Edit by Chris Auret

Astrafunk - Divine Debate

Jameson INDIE Channel - Caracal, Camp St, ST (2014)


Featured on the Jameson INDIE Channel (first half of the video)

Concept came from the iron shapes, already on the wall, which I incorporated into the design of the mural itself.

I had also seen a caracal on Table Mountain, while hiking a few days prior and decided to pay homage to this rare creature.

A NowNow Production |

Directed by Stacey Howell

Produced by Maxime Thaysen

Shot by Bernard Myburgh and Maxime Thaysen

Edited by Thor Rixon

Surfstore Africa (Gregory) - Muizenberg (23-24 January 2014)


A time-lapse of a mural I was commissioned to paint for Surfstore Africa in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Concept and art by myself. 

Shot and edited by HelloIamRory (

Track: "Butterfly Stroke" by PHFat (

Jungle Corner - Woodstock Exchange (20-21 February 2014)


A time-lapse of a mural I was commissioned to paint for Jungle Corner – a studio in the Woodstock Exchange building, Cape Town.

16 hours of painting from 5pm to 9am on 20-21 February 2014.

Shot, edit and sound by myself.


Four Corners Mural - Woodstock (9 January 2014)


Time-lapse by Rory Allen (HelloIamRory) of a mural commission for the highly acclaimed South African film, Four Corners (to be released 28 February 2014). The wall is situated around 165 Albert Road, Woodstock (Cape Town). Links to more information below:


Time-lapses by HelloIamRory (

Mural done for "Four Corners" the movie (

Track by Rattex (

Composed by Markus Wormstorm for the film (


BoardHub Mural; A Quick Time-Lapse


Commission for the skate store, BoardHub, situated at 303 Long Street. We decided on a photo I took of The Glen, infamous for the Red Bull downhill extreme events.


Filmed by myself. Edit by myself, Nick Burton-Moore, Christina Anne

With help from Jess Segal

Soundtrack: Kelpe - Pinch & Flare

Bailey's Surf Shack; A New Mural


I painted this mural as a part of an ongoing project with Baileys Surf Shack (a backpackers situated in Muizenberg). 


Filmed by Jess Segal & Keenan Ferguson

Edit by myself

Soundtrack: Dick Dale & the Del-tones – King of the Surf Guitar

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