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A South African Artist and Maker of Things (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds and more), currently residing in Cape Town & The Garden Route (SA).

I make for myself first, and then others, with good intentions embedded in each brushstroke, film frame or sewn stitch. 


I make to explore my own personal experiences. And I make to explore myself in relation to others, celebrating my unique story within all of our unique stories.


My work aims to portray some sort of energy-filled capsule of a moment. An "object" still possessing life, simply because life went into it. 


In this way the moment becomes a little more tangible than just a memory. I can look to my work as reminders of things worth celebrating or remembering. These things or thoughts can leave my subconscious and work their way into my conscious mind, simply with the process of painting or creating the artwork itself. Process is of utmost importance. When I paint, I explore colour and the vibration created by placing one stroke next to another another. My body moves fluid with each mark. There is some sort of release and intake, a meditation and surrender. 


My inspiration ranges from sharing my personal journey through life, to portraits of people I've come into contact with or would like to come into contact with, to landscapes and animals I respect and admire, to a more surreal representation of personal realisations and the action of story-telling, not forgetting the abstract which arises when lost in the making process.


Currently I'm very interested in creating artworks in the public space, predominantly painting and facilitating community murals. I'm interested in the public voice, what people want to talk about, what truths and frustrations exist and in possibly being a colourful conduit for this voice. I'm interested in doing right to wrongs. I'm interested in how far I can take myself and therefore you. And this will continue to change.


I also love to make music and surf. 


And I love you very much.

Selected Exhibitions, Projects/Commissions & Publications




  • Lubanzi "Rainboat" Wine Label Art - South African wine (Fair Trade, Carbon Neutral, Certified B Corp & 50% profits back to hands which made it)

  • Music & Poetry performance at Evoking Art Experience - Performing as Chris Auret & The Divine Discontent Experiment

  • Sustainability Institute "Dream" mural - Created in collaboration with young teenagers attending the school (SI, Stellenbosch)

  • Pro bono mural for the Dorothy Broster Child & Youth Care Centre - "Knysna Loerie" (Knysna, South Africa)

  • Foliumize Print Collaboration - Art to plant trees (Europe)


  • Front Page of the Weekend Argus Feature - "In Our Hands" Commissioned mural (Seapoint Promenade, South Africa)

  • Save Our Seas Foundation & Wavescape - "In Our Hands" Commissioned mural (Seapoint Promenade, South Africa)

  • University of the Western Cape; Hope & Action murals - Two large scale murals inside the UWC medical campus entrance hall (Bellville, South Africa)

  • It's A Healing Process (2020) - an experimental online sharing with new artworks and prints released during lockdown in South Africa

  • El Buho x Stas - Elefta (Official Video) - Film and edit for a collaborative music video featuring Yanna Romano

  • Bazique Festival - Live mural painting & collage (South Africa)


  • Temple of Reason Apparel Print - South Africa

  • Sustainability Institute "Sunbird" - Mural commissioned by SI (Stellenbosch, SA)

  • Faces of BHC School of Design - Mural commissioned by BHC (Salt River, SA)

  • Century City Arts Trail (CC Art Foundation) - "Peace of Mind" mural (Century City, SA)

  • Discover Bellville conference - Live painting and auction (Bellville, SA)

  • Greenpop Festival of Action - Resident artist and facilitator of 3 community murals, painted in collaboration with festival participants and local adults and children (Garden Route, South Africa)


  • To We, From Me - 3 month Art Residency at the Imaginarium with Yanna Romano (Muizenberg, South Africa)

  • Generator, Miami - mural commission

  • ValhallaLand - AfrikaBurn Art Project with Agust Helgason & Crew - (Karoo, South Africa)

  • "This Is The Place” Zine/Publication - feature included personal writing & photographs (Cape Town, SA)

  • Sasol - mural Commission (Vallpark, Joburg, South Africa)



  • Wavescape Artboard Charity Auction - With Maak Boards & Marti Lund (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • “Still Wide Awake” - Music video for musician, KhoisanBoy_Man (South Africa)

  • Street Art & Cinema” Publication (France) - Featuring Four Corners mural

  • Sound’s Good Retreat Vol 2 - Co-facilitator (Knysna, South Africa)

  • Sound’s Good Retreat Vol 1 - Co-creator and co-facilitator (Knysna, South Africa)

  • Macassar Primary School - Madiba Day mural commission (Macassar, South Africa)



  • Converse Celebrating Creative Spirits - public pop-up space & mural (Cape Town, South Africa

  • #1000PrintsNoFootPrints - Successful crowdfunding campaign, incl. Online & Physical Exhibition by Chris Auret & Friends (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • PechaKucha - Talk about life, art and crowdfunding (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Alice Phoebe Lou - live painting for concert performance (Berlin, Germany)

  • Rabobank - mural commission, campaign take over (Amsterdam, Netherlands)



  • “Do What You Want” - Short film for Putter School (South Africa)

  • Greater Tygerberg Partnership - public mural commission (Parow, South Africa)

  • Journeymen - Portrait commission of "20 Journey" photographers (South Africa)

  • Mail & Guardian - Article ft. 8 of Cape Town’s top street artists to follow on Instagram (SA)

  • 99 Loop Gallery - Cape of Good Hope group show

  • Edgars Club Magazine - Article ft. "Artists to Watch" (South Africa)

  • Resistance Art - public mural by Crate Collective in collaboration with Ralph Ziman (Manenberg, South Africa)

  • Space Between Gallery - group show (Woodstock, South Africa)



  • Salon 91 Contemporary - Golden Haze group show (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Muti Gallery - You Have My Word solo exhibition (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Hop Hop Indaba - live painting (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Nyanja Junction - public mural with Crate Collective (Manenberg, South Africa)

  • Medicine Sans Frontiers - public mural with Martin Lund (Khayelitsha)

  • PACC (Paediatric Primary Care Clinic) - public mural with Martin Lund (Khayelitsha)

  • Four Corners (Movie) - public mural commission (Woodstock, South Africa)



  • Salon 91 Contemporary - One In A Million group show (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Medicine Sans Frontiers - public mural with Martin Lund (Khayelitsha)


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